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KinderBach has 6 Levels - Each Level Package includes:

Activity DVD
The Activity DVD provides entertaining keyboard and music instruction children love, the same video as KinderBach's Piano Lessons Online. Each DVD has one Level of the web video. Lessons are packed with activities, games, crafts, funny characters and voices. Children can go as fast or slow through the material as they like, repeating the sections particularly engaging. Your child sets their own pace.

Music Audio CD
The Music CD has all of the songs on the Activity DVD. The tunes that the students play on the keyboard have performance and demonstration tracks so they can practice and perform with confidence. The Music CD gives your child the opportunity to show off what they have learned - a real confidence builder!

Activity Book CD - 2 Books (PDFs on CD)

1) Activity Book (PDF) – The Activity Book pages are made to interact with the games and lessons on the DVD. These pages make children active listeners rather than just absorbing information. They will color, play games and read music with the DVD using the activity pages, which are pdf files on a CD, printable from your computer. Often children want to repeat a page or you have more than one child using the program. You can print the pages as many times as your family requires. Please note that printing pages is limited by copyright law to those children within your immediate family. It is illegal to print pages for another family or for a music class of students.

2) Parent Guide (PDF) - KinderBach provides all the educational media necessary to introduce music to your child and this guide will explain how to use it. You do not need a formal music education so this parent guide will give you a head’s up on music theory and areas of music development. In addition, we explain what instruments and other supplies are needed for KinderBach lessons.

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