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Golden App Award!!


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iPad and iPhone App

We have some sad news about KinderBach apps.  Any other KinderBach product, we have control over.  We are sorry so many have had this poor experience with our curriculum.  The latest iOS update has given our app developer problems.  Unfortunately, Apple does not feel the need to give a heads up on changes.  The developer company, Zephyr-Games, has looked into the repairs to make the app work with the new operating system.  
     The quote for the changes is, frankly, out of our budget and unreasonable when we know that Apple could change the operating system and we would be back at square one. We are at the mercy of Apple's whims on this point.  After much deliberation, we have decided to remove the KinderBach apps from the app store.  The apps are a redundant product so we know our little fans can get more of Dodi and friends other ways.

All of the videos, workbook pages, stories, songbooks and more for Levels 1 through 6 are available through the
KinderBach Online membership.  
     In addition, the videos and workbook pages for all levels are available in DVD and CD format here:
KinderBach by DVD   

     Teachers will find an extensive amount of resources through our teacher packages or in the Teacher Corner online membership.  Find more information here:  
Teacher Materials 



Parent & Teacher

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Danielle - "... Having Kinderbach on the iPad makes a HUGE difference in his ability to enjoy and learn ..."
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Katrina - "My two youngest children (2 and 6) were thrilled with the finished ..."
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Jesse - "...She has had a blast following along with Dodi and his friends, right at the piano. We just set the iPad on the piano stand and off she goes! ..."
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