Classroom KinderBach

Financial Benefits

Classroom KinderBach can work for any music studio, school, or early childhood center.

Some investment is required for rhythm instruments, crayons, markers, glue, teacher aid preparation and you should have at least one keyboard. Even with these considerations, your business will profit the first time you offer KinderBach classes. The cost of starting a class is as low as $99.75 for teacher materials! AND teacher materials are reprintable - reuseable for YEARS!

You will be reimbursed for student's materials from the families with the option to include a handling fee - it's up to you. By copyright law, each family MUST own a copy of student books on CDs.

There are NO LICENSING FEES. Buy the materials and any compensation or fees for teaching the classes are yours to pocket, your profit. You will be making money the very first level you teach!

Piano Pals

Miss Diddle

Beat Bugs


Football Fingers